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    Wings of the Smokies Foundation

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Wings Of The Smokies Foundation

There are more than 350 known species of parrots in the world, of these nearly 100 species are threatened in the wild. These species are declining in their natural habitat due to deforestation in the countries where they naturally occur. Due to their popularity as pets there is approximately 16 million parrots in homes in the United States. Because of the average life expectancy of a parrot which is from 40 to 80 years many outlive their owners.

Our Mission

  • To provide a home for abused or neglected birds and a home for birds for whatever reasons.
  • For the propagation of endangered or threatened species, to increase the numbers so that they do not become extinct like the Passenger Pigeon or Carolina Parakeet once native to the United States.
  • Provide many educational opportunities for schools, scouting clubs, 4-H Clubs, Churches, Hospitals, institutions, and libraries
  • A program designed to participate in the release of parrots back into their indigenous habitat as to increase the numbers where they are highly endangered.
  • The Foundation serves as a research and educational model to the public-at-large, the veterinary medical community, the pet industry, humane animal welfare organizations and the aviculture community.

Your Donations Are Tax Deductible

The Wings Of The Smokies Foundation is 501(c)(3) avicultural and veterinary affiliated parrot welfare organization licensed by the State of Tennessee educational outreach, conservation, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, long-term foster care, and sanctuary pertaining to the needs of Parrots.
Tax Identification 26-3803390

  • Spike


    Won’t you help a bird like Spike. Spike is a 15 year old Blue and Gold Macaw that was brought to us because the owner had cancer and could not properly care for him. After three years in our rehabilitation program, Spike has grown his feathers out and is doing well.

  • Corky


    Hi, My Name is Corky and I am a 12 year old male umbrella cockatoo. I was rescued from my owner who was going to have me put to sleep. But thanks to the Foundation, I am alive and love being here at the Gardens where I will get the proper care and love. In 2009 Foundation took in 13 birds from a man in Ohio after he passed away from pancreatic cancer. This man visited us for two years and loved what we stood for. When he found out he was going to die he had a will made out so that his birds could be brought here to spend their lives around the other birds. We now have his birds and they are doing well and have not had any problems resulting from the absent of the owner (like feather plucking and not eating, weight loss, etc.).

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